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Share large data from your desk is the answer to all the file-sharing and team-management problems of small companies, advertising agencies and graphic design studios.

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  • The private cloud for your confidential data Business information is too precious to be saved in a public cloud. encrypts communications between users, and protects against unauthorized access.
  • No more uploads of large files Synchronize data straight from your hard drive, and don’t waste time on never-ending uploads.
  • Backup on your desk A private cloud means private backup. Put Box in your office, and be sure that there will be no security breach or data leak.
  • A lifetime subscription for 10 team members Buy it once, and it’s yours forever. Instead of using overpriced public clouds, think ahead and invest in the future of your company. There are no additional maintenance costs!
  • Control files and team View the activity of the team and clients: uploads, downloads and edit history.
  • Chat and comment Don’t waste time finding documents in emails, chat or a pile of multi-threaded conversations. Quickly share your opinions in relevant project chats!
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